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Intended for use in retail applications, UPOS stands for Unified Point of Service. As of April 2012 there are 36 different classes of device, including Cash Drawers, Scanners and Displays, for which there are standard UPOS interfaces.

We have written custom POS for .NET and JavaPOS interfaces for a range of devices and are always open to requests to write further ones.
Please click here for further details or email to discuss your requirements.

We have written a POS for .NET "Plug and Play" service object for Milan / Paylink, which allows for a wide range of perpiherals to be interfaced to a PC and then to appear to the retail application as a single, Cash Changer device. A "Cash Changer" device is capable of accepting and dispensing currency (coins and bills) and so is a key device for many automated retail systems.

This is available as a free download (see below) together with a demonstration application, that shows the ease of use of the Cash Changer service object.

The demonstration program is available as an executable program, or as a complete Visual Studio 2008 C# project, including source code.

The Service Object is available as a Plug and Play DLL.

The Milan interface is available in three varieties:

  1. The full Paylink, capable of driving 16 outputs, reading 16 inputs and communicating with a very broad range of peripherals via USB, ccTalk, MDB and a number of RS 232 based communications protocols.

  2. Paylink Lite, which does not have GPIO capability and which supports a reduced range of peripherals and protocols.

  3. Micro Paylink, which is a USB dongle device that allows a range of USB peripherals to be connected.

In every case, the POS for .NET service object DLL presents the attached peripheral devices as a single Cash Changer device to your retail application.

In order to get started using Milan / Paylink, you first need to purchase a Paylink, Paylink Lite or MicroPaylink from our manufacturing and distribution partner, Money Controls (now Crane Payment Solutions).

You then need to install the Milan / Paylink software, as decribed in the Paylink documentation, and available in our Support & Downloads section.

In order to use POS for .NET, you need to install the .NET framework and the POS for .NET SDK.

In order to use Paylink Service Object, you need to:

    –   Download the service object DLL to a suitable directory.
    –   Download the service object description document.
    –   Optionally, modify the registry so POS for .NET can "find" the SO.
    –   Optionally, download the demonstration application executable.
    –   Optionally, download the demonstration application project.
    –   Optionally, download the demonstration application description.

Note that the POS for .NET service object DLL relies on the presence of the Milan / Paylink API. It is, effectively, a layer that uses the Milan / Paylink API and presents a Cash Changer to the POS for .NET system. The consequence of this is that the Paylink interface executable needs to be running before the application tries to use the service object.

Note also that all downloadable documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the Acrobat Reader software. You can download the software here.

Service Object DLL
Service Object DLL Version (Beta)
Service Object Description Document
Demonstration Application
Demonstration Application Executable
Demonstration Application C# Project
Demonstration Application Description Document
Milan / Paylink Interface
Milan / Paylink Interface
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