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The Pescara Bill Acceptor Multi-Protocol Converter, product code MAPIRB, is a small, low-cost unit designed for those machine manufacturers and operators who have host systems (games, kiosks, change machines etc.) which currently use a bill acceptor using one interface / communications protocol, but who now wish to use a new bill acceptor that is only available with a different interface.

The current version connects note / bill acceptors that use the ID003 or ccTalk serial protocols to games / systems that use the Ardac 2, "Mars Vend Serial", ccTalk or GPT V2.2 protocols, but many other variants can be easily produced.

The host protocols that we have implemented are carefully designed and implemented such that your machine should be unable to detect any differences between your existing bill acceptor and this protocol converter.

Physically, the Pescara Bill Acceptor Converter is an 8cm square package, with 4 data connectors: 2 x RS232 interfaces, a ccTalk interface and a Mars Vend Serial interface. Of these the appropriate two will be used in your particular application. The converter unit is configured at installation by changing a small, rotary switch. The converter board is supplied in a plastic enclosure that can easily be mounted within your machine.

We carefully test the host protocols as follows:

  • For ccTalk, we test the protocol converter against the Money Controls “ccTalk compliance program”. Our converter closely imitates the MCL Lumina, achieving a score of 100% compliance with even the more esoteric commands fully implemented.
  • For Ardac 2, we use the MCL “Proclaim” utility to ensure that our converter closely imitates the existing MCL Ardac 2 / WACS acceptor.
  • For Mars Vend Serial, we exactly meet the timing requirements shown in the MEI technical documentation.
  • For GPT V2.2 Enhanced Serial, we use a protocol test tool to ensure that our converter exactly imitates the existing GPT Argus D acceptor.

A brochure describing the converter is available for download here.

If you are interested in using this Pescara protocol converter to improve your products, please contact us at

Pescara Converter
Pescara Converter
Product Code: MAPIRB
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