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Milan / Paylink Interface

The Milan Intelligent Interface, sold by Crane Payment Solutions (Money Controls) as Paylink, provides unparalleled flexibility and ease of implementation for anyone who wants to interface money handling equipment to a PC with no communication protocols to write.

If you want to interface money handling peripherals to a PC cheaply and with zero fuss, then you really need to click here to find out more. Alternatively you can download our brochure.

Milan Lite 2
Milan Lite

The Milan Lite interface, is an alternative low cost hardware component of the Milan / Paylink Inteligent Interface. It provides exactly the same fully featured flexible API as the standard interface, but with fewer hardware interface options.

If you are already looking at the Milan / Paylink interface unit, but are looking for a cost efective solution for a limited system then you need to click here to find out more.


The CashlessControl unit, product code NICRUF, is designed as a USB connection to an MDS based Cashless Terminal.

The unit comes with a full software library, allowing normal programmers to add a Cashless payment facility to their appplication with no need to learn anything about how to handle the connection.

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Pescara Converter
Pescara Converter

The Pescara Protocol Converter, product code MAPIRB, is a small, low-cost, multi-protocol converter that can be used to connect note / bill acceptors that use the ID003, Ardac 2, ccTalk or GPT V2 serial protocols to games / sytems that use the Ardac 2, "Mars Vend Serial", cctalk or GPT V2 protocols.

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Torino EDC
Torino Electronic Data Collector

The Torino Electronic Data Collector, product code TODEDCF, is connected to the BACTA dataport of an AWP (fruit machine) and maintains an accurate count of all cash inserted and paid out, together with log of player interaction and significant events. It is designed to be periodically interrogated by a hand held computer as the cash that the AWP has taken is collected.

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