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Our CashlessConnect Unit provides a USB connection interface to your computer and an easy to use, and fully documented API to popular cashless payment terminals such as Nayax and OTI!

Paired with a simple power supply (available from us for £4.25) this is everything you need to connect your application program to one of these Cashless Payment Terminals.

As you may have found out, the standard low cost Cashless Payment Terminal expects to be used in a traditional vending machine, using a connection technology called MDB. This does not connect easily to an ordinary computer.

Aardvark Embedded’s CashlessConnect solution uses our own special USB to MDB converter which is coupled with a complete software API to let you easily use one of these terminals with your computer, no matter if it is a PC, Raspberry Pi or any other Linux based system.

We provide you with everything you need to create yourself a system that accepts cashless payments from a Payment Terminal. We even connect (and can supply) power for the Payment Terminal so that all you need is your computer and the terminal itself.

If your computer runs Windows we provide a C++ DLL or a Dot Net package, for Linux we provide a complete set of C++ source files, or if you prefer we also provide a Java interface for either.

We have tested our solution with terminals from Nayax, OTI and Crane PI, but we confidently expect it to work with any MDB terminal - MDB is an international standard.

If this sound like the sort thing you’re interested in then, drop us a line at telling us what sort of quantities you’re looking to order and we’ll let you know how to get a sample unit to get yourselves started, or check out our purchasing page.

More details as to how to use this CashlessConnect Unit are available on our technical details page.

CashlessConnect Unit
CashlessConnect Unit
Product Code: NICRUF
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