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Here you can download all the currently available versions of the Milan interface firmware, support software & manuals:

Although some of the software downloads consist of a single executable, they are saved as zip files as the default (run) operation of the executable is unlikely to be useful!


  1. The firmware upgrades are distributed as a program (or executable script) that will update the firmware on an installed unit when it is run. The Windows PC program has a number of features, which are described in full in the Utilities document.
  2. Due to space limitations, there are now four different firmware loads for the Milan Interface unit. The firmware load that you will need for a given set of peripherals is detailed in the System Manual (on page 31.)
  3. The main SDK is distributed as a Standard Windows Installation file. (MSI)
    This contains everything, including the 4 firmware builds and the Linux Disrtibution files.
  4. The Linux distributions are as tar.gz files, which can be unpacked and installed on a Linux (or Raspberry Pi) system. Details are in the Linux User Guide or Raspberry Pi User Guide.
  5. If there is a file / download you are interested in, and you can’t find it in the list below, then just send us an email explaining exaclty what you’re after.
Firmware Load 1 - Genoa/Standard (All CPI peripherals)
Firmware Load 2 - InnEbd
Firmware Load 3 - Innov (All Innovative Peripherals)
Firmware Load 4 - MCD
Complete SDK (PC Windows Installation File)
Complete Linux Installation (Source Files)
Linux Firmware Update Package. (To be used with above.)
Linux PC USB / Lite V2 Peripheral Support add on.
Raspberry Pi USB / Lite V2 Peripheral Support add on
Coin / note table update (for MCL equipment) SDK
Paylink System Description Manual
Full Programmers Reference
Linux Programmers Guide
Raspberry Pi Programmers Guide
Guide to the Dot Net Facilities
Guide to the Java Facilities
Coin / note table update (for MCL equipment) Reference
Extract of MCL Technical Manual
Coin / note table update (for MCL equipment) Reference
Release Notes
Milan 1.12.14 Release Note
Milan 1.12.13 was withdrawn as it has a major fault
Milan 1.12.12 Release Note
Milan 1.12.11 Release Note
Milan 1.12.10 Release Note
Milan 1.12.9 Release Note
Milan 1.12.81 Release Note
Milan 1.12.8 Release Note
Milan 1.12.72 Release Note
Milan 1.12.7 Release Note
Milan 1.12.6 Release Note
Milan 1.12.4 Release Note
Milan 1.12.3 Release Note
Milan 1.11.8 Release Note
Milan 1.11.8 Release Note
Milan Firmware 1.11.6 Release Note
Milan Firmware 1.11.5 Release Note
Milan Firmware 1.10.15 Release Note
Milan Firmware 1.10.7 Release Note
Milan Firmware 1.10.9 Release Note
Old Software
V 1.12.10 Paylink Firmware
V 1.12.10 Paylink Driver
V 1.12.10 Paylink Innovative Firmware
V 1.12.9 Paylink Firmware
V 1.12.9 Paylink Driver
V 1.12.9 Paylink Innovative Firmware
V 1.12.8 Paylink Firmware
V 1.12.81 Paylink Driver
V 1.12.8 Paylink Innovative Firmware
V 1.12.72 Paylink Firmware
V 1.12.72 Paylink Driver
V 1.12.72 Paylink Innovative Firmware
V 1.12.6 Paylink Firmware
V 1.12.6 Paylink Driver
V 1.12.4 Paylink Firmware
V 1.12.4 Paylink Driver
V 1.11.9 Paylink/Milan Firmware with ID-003 and Printer
V 1.11.9 Paylink/Milan Firmware with ID-003 and F53/F56
V 1.10.15 Firmware with ID-003
V 1.10.15 Firmware with GPTV2.2
V 1.10.15 Firmware with Ardac II
V 1.10.15 Firmware with diagnostics on RJ45
V 1-10-42 Firmware (Bug fix for widespread 1-10-4 release)
V 1-10-71 Firmware (Bug fix for widespread 1-10-7 release)
V 1-10-15 Firmware for Linux
Milan / Paylink Interface
Milan / Paylink Interface
Product Code: MIMHEI
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