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We are providers of solutions to technical problems, whether these be hardware, software or a combination of the two.

Our unique set of skills could be invaluable to you in solving your problems. If you have a problem that cannot be solved by buying off the shelf hardware / software then you should be talking to us.

Our particular specialisation is in solving problems encountered in money handling systems such as retail, kiosk, vending and AWP / SWP markets. In some of these industries, directed as they are towards stand-alone machines, expertise centres around handling and analysing coins and bills and providing physical security for them. As such, it may not attract staff who are naturally at home dealing with concepts such as Windows applications, telecommunications and database.

Conversely, the PC game and IT industries may have many staff who are used to dealing with higher level software, but who may not be "at home" using the concepts involved in embedded machinery, such as communications protocol development.

We at Aardvark Embedded Solutions are a unique combination of sophisticated systems / software professionals who understand both the complexities of a modern PC and the requirements involved in programming embedded micro-processors in combination with modern coin handling equipment. We are equally at home writing the code for a COM object to run under Windows XP, a POS for .NET service object and in designing the hardware and software to link a magnetic card reader to a vending machine.

A new problem.

If you have a problem to which you need a solution, we would love to hear from you. We are open to offers from anyone who feels that we are in a position to aid them in their business.

Our standard mode of operation is to talk with you about your problem, to try to ascertain how general the problem is and approximately how large the market is. We, typically, will then undertake to produce working prototype electronics and software, to which we will retain all IPR, that clearly demonstrate the functionality of our solution. Depending upon what we understand about the market, this will either be free of charge or we will seek a nominal sum to subsidise the cost of development.

Once we have produced prototype equipment, we would then seek to make a return on each unit sold, either through a licence fee, where marketing and manufacture are handled by a partner or at a unit sale price where we undertake volume production on our own behalf.

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