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If you are looking for a custom POS for .NET or JavaPOS interface for your peripheral device, then we really do need to talk to one another.

Please email to discuss your needs.

As described on our Custom Development page, Aardvark Embedded Solutions personnel are, first and foremost, hardware and software techicians, each with many years' experience in the design of embedded systems for a wide range of applications.

An area to which we are repeatedly drawn is that of interfacing peripheral equipment to PC applications.

Very often, the peripheral equipment in question is money handling equipment, such as bill validators, coin acceptors, hoppers and recyclers. Indeed, we have an extensive library of communications protocol modules, to allow us to interface to cash handling peripherals from many global manufacturers.

One mechanism by which these devices can be interfaced is through UPOS.

Intended for use in retail applications, UPOS stands for Unified Point of Service. As of April 2012 there are 36 different classes of device, including Cash Drawers, Scanners and Displays, for which there are standard UPOS interfaces.

Microsoft's implementation of UPOS, called POS for .NET, includes the feature that devices can appear as Plug and Play devices.

While this makes life "easy" for the application writer, the general consensus is that the task of writing these Plug and Play service objects is very difficult .

Although, strictly speaking, a subset of our Software Development services, a natural consequence of our device interfacing skill set, is that we have written a number of POS for .NET Plug and Play service objects and JavaPOS service objects, for our own products and for products for Other Equipment Manufacturers.

An example here was the creation of a custom USB to RS232 converter for an OEM cash drawer and the associated POS for .NET Plug and Play service object.

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