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Here you can download all the available versions of the Milan interface firmware for PCI cards - the PC support software including the Windows device drivers is common to the new USB variant, and can be downloaded from the main Milan support page here.

Although some of the software downloads consist of a single executable, they are saved as zip files as the default (run) operation of the executable is unlikely to be useful!


  1. None of the software requires installation. Just copy the executables from the zip into a handy folder and run them. The firmware upgrades are part of a PC program that will update the firmware on an installed card. This program has a number of features, which are described in full in the utilities document.
  2. The documents are all in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the Acrobat Reader software. You can download the software here.
Current Software .
Standard PCI card Firmware as shipped (1.8.21)
Milan Firmware 1.8.21 Release Note
Latest Milan Firmware (1.10.14) built for the PCI card. This has passed basic regression tests.
Current Documentation
PCI Card Installation Guide
PCI Card Complete Technical Details
Milan / Paylink Interface
Milan / Paylink Interface
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