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Welcome to the Aardvark Embedded Solutions Web Site

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On this site, you can find out the various ways in which we pursue our goal: to provide complete electronic and software solutions that combine a high level of system sophistication with very low-level electronic products.

You will find pages here that provide information on our products, and pages here that provide information about our company, how we operate and the hardware and software design services that we provide.

Although working across a wide range of areas, from Electric Vehicle Recharge Systems, through to Motor Control Systems, much of our focus over the past ten years has centred upon the gaming, amusement, gambling, vending and retail industries. We have deep experience in these fields, with particular expertise with cash handling peripherals, such as coin acceptors, bill validators and hoppers.

Based in offices on the outskirts of the city of Manchester in Northwest England, our highly experienced hardware and software designers strive to solve technical problems. This may result in custom solutions to requirements presented to us by customers. Alternatively this may lead to new products, the need for which we encounter ourselves.

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