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The Torino Electronic Data Collector (EDC), from Aardvark Embedded Solutions Ltd. (AES) is a low cost second generation EDC unit. It is connected to the BACTA dataport of an AWP (fruit machine) and receives and processes messages from the AWP. These messages allow it to maintain an accurate record of the AWPs activity,

The unit is enclosed in a rugged steel case and can be installed anywhere inside the AWP cabinet. It is designed to be periodically interrogated by a handheld device, usually at the same time as the cash that the AWP has taken is collected, at which point it reports to the handheld everything significant that has happened since it was last interrogated.

The following information is stored and reported:

  • Total coins and notes paid in.
  • Total coins paid out.
  • Events reported by the AWP.
  • Summaries of player activity.
  • Electronic machine identity.

As with first generation EDC units, the Torino EDC monitors the Bacta dataport messages that notify the unit each time a coin / note is paid in or out. All these different events are independently totalled in non volatile memory by the Torino EDC, and these current totals are easily retrieved by a handheld unit.

The Torino EDC unit also monitors the AWP cabinet door alarms (both directly and via the AWP) and provides the security function of requiring that a special I-Button key is presented to acknowledge the alarm before the machine can continue to be played.

As a second generation Electronic Data Collector, the Torino unit is able to add to these features by implementing machine logs, which enable the AWP owner to keep track of the machine usage. These logs contain full, accurately timed details on:

  • details on the activity patterns of how players used the game(s) on the AWP machine.
  • all the times that doors were opened, and who acknowledged them
  • all problems passed over by the AWP
  • all statistics passed over by the AWP

Torino Hub Remote Money Handle
Torino Hub Remote Money Handle
Product Code: TODEDCF
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